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The article entitled The economic and environmental productivity of agriculture in the process of development by J. Staniszewski reviews the economic theories which describe the relationship between agricultural productivity growth and economic development. The review proves that improvements in the productivity of agriculture is both a precondition for economic development and its catalyst. The article also describes a negative impact of agriculture industrialization on the environment. The present process of extending the traditionally understood economic sense of productivity to ecological aspects is also explained. Finally, calculation of environmental productivity is presented as a still unsolved problem.

The article entitled Income inequality in Israel between 2003 and 2014 by B. Tzarfati aims to describe the distribution of income in Israel and provide solutions for a more equal distribution of income. The author also discusses the impact of income inequality on economic growth. Empirical studies show the fact that the increase in inequality measured by the share of the highest income is positively related to the economic growth. While in the case of the overall dispersion of income (measured by the Gini coefficient), the results of empirical studies are inconclusive.

The article entitled Ukrainian perspectives of using world experience in investing in energy innovations by D. Lazarenko and I. Krutogorskyi presents the world economic trends of alternative energy. An analysis of international programs and innovative projects that are implemented and used in the energy sector is introduced. Conceptual proposals and innovative research in the field of alternative energy are represented. The authors also suggest ways of formation of effective energy management and rational energy policy.

Yours faithfully, dr hab. Edyta Małecka-Ziembińska, prof. nadzw. UEP – Member of the Editorial Committee

Published: 2017-02-23

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