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In the paper entitled Housing needs, choice and responsibility as three concepts to understand the role of housing markets and government intervention in Israel the author, Avi Perez, explores and analyses the concepts of need, choice, and responsibility in the context of the Israeli housing market. These concepts are quite important for the understanding of the interactions between households and government intervention on housing markets. In recent years the Israeli government has limited its involvement in the free housing market as well as in public housing. This has resulted in a significant increase in housing prices since the 2008 subprime crisis. These changes have forced the government to redefine the housing needs and government intervention while maintaining the freedoms and households’ abilities to make their own choices. In the conclusions, the author suggests that the government should limit its intervention and allow individuals to define their own needs, to ensure a genuine freedom of choice and to express the responsibility that comes with it.

The article entitled The system of the Treasury in Ukraine: actuality and prospects of development by Eleonora Kurganskaya presents findings from an analysis of the current state of managing financial resources in the Ukrainian system of the Treasury. The author of the article touches upon several unresolved issues, claiming that the system of the Treasury undoubtedly requires some changes. The introduction of the Treasury Single Account provided an opportunity to have information on the budget. The State Treasury has introduced changes in the institutional structure and legal relations between all the participants of the budget process. Research has shown that free funds have increased to a great extent.

Yours faithfully,  dr hab. Piotr Manikowski, prof. nadzw. UEP - Member of the Editorial Committee

Published: 2017-09-08

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