All papers submitted for publication in the EBR are independently and anonymously refereed, in the double blind reviewing procedure:
1. All papers are reviewed initially by the Editor and at least one member of the EBR Editorial Board;
2. These persons determine the scope of compliance of the submitted paper with the „Aims and Scope” of the EBR, initially to assess its academic level and a random check is made of the text submitted with the use of anti-plagiarism software and then propose Reviewers;
3. Each pre-selected paper is evaluated by at least two independent Reviewers. The double-blind review process is applied. It means that neither the Author(s) nor the Reviewers know identities of the other.
4. Double-blind reviews are prepared by specialists from scientific centres other than the author´s (authors´) of the article in question;
5. The review is a written document which ends with a definite decision as to whether the article should be:
• published as submitted;
• published after minor author’s revisions by the Author as outlined in comments;
• returned to the Author for major revisions as outlined in the comments and then submitted for re-review;
• rejected entirely in its present form; in this case the paper cannot be re-submitted to the EBR;
6. If the double-blind reviews are positive they are sent along with the sheet of answers for the reviews to the corresponding author;
7. The author is required to send back the corrected article in two versions: with trace changes and a clean copy, along with the answers to the reviews in 30 days – otherwise it will be assumed to have been withdrawn;
8. Based on the corrected versions of the paper and the answers to  the reviews the Editorial Board takes the final decision as to whether to publish the paper or not and sends it the EBR English Language Editor for linguistic inspection;
9. If a paper’s reviews are mixed the Editorial Board either rejects the submission at that stage or sends it to an additional Reviewer. If the latter option is chosen, the Editorial Board, based on three double-blind reviews takes the final decision whether or not to publish the paper. In cases where a manuscript is returned to an author for major revisions it must be resubmitted within 30 days; otherwise it will be assumed to have been withdrawn.
10. Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author and should be returned within four working days of receipt by e-mail. Correction should be restricted to type settings errors only.