Information demand of foreign labor market from the point of view of Chinese students


  • Anna Pilarczyk University of Szczecin
  • Tomasz Naprawski University of Szczecin



information-logistics engine, information demand analysis, information demand model, foreign labour market, demand-oriented management of information


Today people are faced with a huge amount of information. Demand-oriented management of information can resolve this issue. Therefore, the measures that filter this information are the desired solution.  One of these measures is information demand analysis, which can be easily used for defining problems on the labour market, where the term of talent import is becoming increasingly important.

The main contribution of this study is the analysis of the challenges facing the foreign labour market from the point of view of an employee and an employer and a proposal of an information demand model for strengthening the foreign labour market information system. The information demand model is one of the stages of the development of an information-logistics engine, which ensures that the right information is available in the right location, time and quality.


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