Call for Papers: Thematic issue on silver economy


Population ageing is one of the most significant trends shaping 21st century social, economic, and political life. Among the megatrends of the global economy is the silver economy, understood as economic and financial implications and responses to the ageing processes of modern societies. The silver economy is analysed in the field of social gerontology. Silver economy is not an economic system but an instrument of ageing policy and the political idea of forming a potential, the needs-oriented economic system for the ageing population.
International institutions such as the European Commission and OECD recognise the silver economy as a current and emerging economic opportunity driven by increasing public and consumer spending and triggered by the ageing of the population with the specific needs of people of senior age, and a silver production, i.e. one that produces and delivers age-oriented products and services, shaping an environment in which people over 60 collaborate and succeed in the workplace, engage in innovative ventures, help develop the market as consumers and lead healthy, active and productive lives.
The senior market brings together sectors as diverse as health, banking, housing, telecommunications, leisure, and tourism, among others, ensuring that people stay in work for as long as possible and remain independent for as long as possible.
Businesses have begun to use ageing as a factor through which they view their strategic plans. As such, ageing becomes a commercial opportunity encourages workplace and workforce change and provides a vehicle to support shared value and sustainable partnerships with government and civil society.

Thus, the thematic issue on the silver economy should focus on contributions showing theoretical, empirical and policy studies (offering recommendations) dealing with:
1. The ageing population impact on the market structure.
2. Opportunities and challenges of the ageing population to the emerging market economies.
3. Public finance v. the silver economy.
4. Ageing and innovations.
5. Ageing and entrepreneurship.
The findings based on case studies focusing on the challenges and opportunities of the ageing population are also welcome.

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts (300-700 words) electronically on the website until October 15. They will be notified by October 25 about the initial acceptance for the thematic issue. The deadline for submission of complete papers is November 30.
If there are too many excellent papers, they may be published in the following EBR issues.