Clusters as absorbers and diffusers of knowledge


  • Barbara Jankowska
  • Maciej Pietrzykowski



Business cluster, Innovations, Knowledge transfer, Knowledge management, Klastry, Innowacje, Transfer wiedzy, Zarządzanie wiedzą


The last two decades have been characterized by rapid developments in networking and clustering. The first clusters emerged spontaneously, led by internal forces oriented towards competition. Temporary clusters are much more dynamic, searching for other sources of competitive advantage, and cross national borders. This paper is an attempt to identify the effects of knowledge spillovers and knowledge transfer within regional business networks, especially business clusters. These effects are associated with the innovations which appear within such networks and clusters. The paper indicates those barriers and solutions that support innovativeness within the networks under study. Knowledge transfer within business networks that shape the innovative environment in the Wielkopolska region has been described using both a theoretical and practical approach. The findings and conclusions of the research provide an opportunity to increase business efficiency within business networks. (original abstract)


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Jankowska, B., & Pietrzykowski, M. (2013). Clusters as absorbers and diffusers of knowledge. Economics and Business Review, 13(1), 68–88.



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