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The Economics and Business Review (earlier as the Poznan University of Economics Review) has been published by Poznań University of Economics and Business Press since 2001. The EBR provides a platform for academicians all over the world to share, discuss and integrate state-of-the-art economics and finance thinking with a special focus on emerging market economies.

The EBR invites submissions of original and unpublished articles. The journal is published in English only, with a frequency of four issues yearly. Texts are double-blind reviewed.

EBR is an open access journal. To submit, process and publish an article in Economics and Business Review authors are not required to pay any charge.

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Thematic issue: Large language models in economics and finance
Economics and Business Review currently invites submissions for a thematic issue on large language models. Please check the call for papers.

The Economics and Business Review journal received a grant within the Development of Scientific Journals programme of the Minister of Education and Science of Poland. Years 2022-2024, contract no. RCN/SP/0242/2021/1, financing 73 200 PLN. The project aims to maintain and improve editorial standards, increase the reach and impact of the journal, and modernize the journal website.

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Vol. 10 No. 2 (2024)
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As the complexity of economic phenomena increases, so do the expectations placed on researchers in economics and finance. Research should not only be methodologically sound and contribute to the existing body of knowledge, but also provide guidance to stakeholders outside academia. The current issue of the Economics and Business Review addresses these needs, as the research findings can be useful to various groups, such as legislators, governmental bodies, financial advisors and investors. It contains seven papers by seventeen affiliated scholars from Poland, Slovakia and the USA. They use a variety of methodological approaches, both conceptual and empirical, to investigate key research questions in the fields of public economics, financial economics, labour economics and behavioural economics. (...) (Monika Banaszewska, Joanna Lizińska, Konrad Sobański)
Published: 2024-07-05

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